One Tool to Rule Them All

YADT is a next generation data center deployment and system management tool. It is based on two central components: central management of dependencies between services, systems and software packages, and using package based deployment for both software and configuration management.

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What can YADT do?

Automatic service dependencies.

Dependencies between services are based on package dependencies. If your webapp package requires a tomcat package, that's all that YADT needs to know.

Reboot your servers.

YADT knows when your server needs to reboot. Lean back and watch while a single command brings all your servers up to date in every way.

Service abstraction that works.

Whether you use virtualized machines, lxc containers or real hardware, your machines are a set of services with dependencies. Using a loadbalancer, have monitoring? That's a service too. See everything with one glance.

You're in control.

Running a command always has the same target outcome with zero undefined states inbetween. So even if a command fails, you have an ace up your sleeve and can simply restart it.

For people and machines alike.

Can be run by humans (interactive shell) or in an automated fashion (e.G. jenkins). A component (broadcaster) can expose customizable views of what is going on to your whole department.

Virtually no overhead.

No long-running processes or database foo.
You like to KISS ? So do we.

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YADT an Augmented Deployment Tool
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